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Virtual aviation

      Virtual aviation is not a real airline, but a virtual flying club composed of pilots from all directions, including real-world pilots. Using the feasibility of computer simulation flight software, everything simulates the operation of real airlines, including pilot training. , Flight dispatch, etc., there are also players who are completely laymen to join.

      All Evergreen virtual aviation pilots need to go through basic flight training, and then be promoted to the civil aviation fleet to continue training. During the training process, students can not only experience simulated flight, but also enjoy the fun of learning. The purpose of our company is to establish To help more players purchase simulated flight to learn more professional flight field, the instructors are also voluntary, all training process will not charge any fees to the virtual pilots.


Evergreen Virtual Aviation

      Evergreen Virtual Aviation was restructured from Revival Virtual Aviation, which was established in 2005. At that time, the virtual sky was extremely lively. In Taiwan, there were Yushan Virtual Airlines, Far East Virtual Airlines, China Virtual Airlines, Taipei Skyline Virtual Airlines, etc... , Various virtual aviation companies have also launched virtual pilot training, and Fuxing Virtual Aviation is no exception. At that time, it also had the title of "the most rigorous virtual aviation training". After several years of inheritance, it was renamed Evergreen Virtual Aviation in 2017. However, the scenery is still there, and the personnel are no longer there. The virtual sky in Taiwan is much deserted than before. There are only a few virtual airlines left, and our company has become one of the few virtual airlines in China that are training virtual pilots.

​Future vision

       At present, we have updated all training syllabuses and teaching materials, including basic flight training and civil aviation fleet training. Everything is brought to students with the most realistic teaching. We mainly hope that students can use pilot training to not only improve their flying knowledge, but also You can also liven up the virtual sky of Taiwan by flying online.

​      We also welcome more friends who are interested in flying, whether you are a novice with a dream of flying through simulated flight, or you have many veterans who fly, or you want to be a young pilot who wants to learn the principles of flight in advance, Even instructors with real pilot licenses, Evergreen Virtual Aviation welcomes you to join!!

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