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The International Aviation Network Organization (International Virtual Aviation Organization, IVAO, pronounced I-VA-O) is an organization that uses a network platform to serve a variety of simulated flight software. On this platform, both the pilot and the air controller will provide services/use of the platform in real-world regulations to comply with the motto of the International Virtual Aviation Organization: “As true as it is.” IVAO Simulated civil aviation, but can also simulate other types of aviation in the real world. These activities include, but are not limited to, police flights, search and rescue flights, military and paramilitary flights, and are referred to as special flights. But it is forbidden to simulate or involve racial, political or religious issues and conflicts into the real world, any kind of aggression or war.


Initially, the use of the Internet platform to connect the simulated flight was initiated in the mid-1990s. Jason Grooms, James Willan, Joe Jurecka and Marty Bochane jointly developed the software for the connection called SquawkBox, and used it for regulation. Software ProController. The two softwares are connected to a platform called FSD to form a sky on the computer network. Using these software, SATCO (now VATSIM) became the first organization to offer a large network platform to serve a variety of simulated flight software. On December 16, 1998, because there was no consensus between the management and other management in SATCO, some management announced that they would leave SATCO to form a new organization, which is IVAO. In late 2005, the management of the IVAO was inconsistent, causing most of the management and all members to move to The former chairman retained the domain name of IVAO.ORG. The administration of decided to register IVAO as a non-profit organization, and on April 25, 2007, IVAO was officially registered as a non-profit organization in Belgium. (excerpted from Wikipedia)

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Eva Virtual Airways, founded by Renaissance Virtual Aviation (TNA VA), was founded in 2005 by Wilson Hsiao and Dandy Su to make aviation flight a learning experience that everyone can get close to, and to host numerous teaching activities and proximity to the neighborhood during the operation. The national flight co-organized the joint flight activities, and created the six-stage training course of basic flight, which set off a boom in the domestic simulated flight industry and inspired many boys' dreams of flying. As the boy grew up, some people dreamed of becoming an airline pilot and some people entered the aviation-related industry service. After the family had a family, it gradually became farther away from the virtual sky, but still did not forget the blue sky, so we never left, enthusiasm, just sneak, in order to fly to a higher blue sky, now we came back. On July 1, 2016, Evergreen Virtual Aviation was officially established and the Virtual Aviation Operation System (VAFS) was introduced to greatly enhance the fun of simulated flight and create a real pilot feel. What are you waiting for? What do you want to fly? Join us!

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